Thursday, November 18, 2010

R - 1 Nephi

I have been reading, I swear!!

I've been reading in 1st Nephi, about their travels through the wilderness. Sometimes I can totally relate to Laman and Lemuel, and think Nephi must have sounded like a self-righteous, over-bearing jerk at times. But then Nephi will say something that I feel so deeply as the Spirit teaches the truth of his words.

I really liked when Nephi said that he knows that when the Lord commands something, He will make it possible. I know, scripture mastery, continually quoted scripture, but there is a reason for that. Also, it's not just stated once. It seems like in several places in the chapters I have been reading, it's a repeated message. Maybe there is something there I needed to learn...

I have seen that so much, and reading that reminds me to look for it in my life. The Lord knows me and has made a plan for ME to return to Him. He knows where I need challenges to help me grow. And He knows where I need help and provides that help. I am grateful for His guiding hand in my life.

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