Friday, November 19, 2010

R - Judgement

So, I was reading on a site on the internet, as I was reading, I found myself judging someone who was posting. Then I finished reading the post and realized I was completely wrong in my first impression. I spent the day thinking about the post and my reactions to it. it just reminded me of the scripture in Luke 6:37 and I got a slightly better understanding of the importance of not judging. We shouldn't judge unless we understand all the circumstances and we can NEVER know all the circumstances.

1 Samuel 16:7
says that the Lord looks on our hearts. I think this is where we each fail. We don't know the motivations behind actions, the circumstances that led to choices. We can't accurately judge someone else's righteousness. Nephi was commanded to kill. Looked at from an outsider's perspective, the death of Laban would probably look like murder and therefore be a sin. Yet, when looked at in the proper context, had Nephi defied the commandment of the Lord and spared Laban's life, that would actually have been the sin.

I need to work harder on that whole "judge not" part.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

R - 1 Nephi

I have been reading, I swear!!

I've been reading in 1st Nephi, about their travels through the wilderness. Sometimes I can totally relate to Laman and Lemuel, and think Nephi must have sounded like a self-righteous, over-bearing jerk at times. But then Nephi will say something that I feel so deeply as the Spirit teaches the truth of his words.

I really liked when Nephi said that he knows that when the Lord commands something, He will make it possible. I know, scripture mastery, continually quoted scripture, but there is a reason for that. Also, it's not just stated once. It seems like in several places in the chapters I have been reading, it's a repeated message. Maybe there is something there I needed to learn...

I have seen that so much, and reading that reminds me to look for it in my life. The Lord knows me and has made a plan for ME to return to Him. He knows where I need challenges to help me grow. And He knows where I need help and provides that help. I am grateful for His guiding hand in my life.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

R - Romans 5:1-5, Mosiah 24:15-16, Luke 21:19

I had thought that I would do this by just reading through the Book of Mormon and commenting on what I read. And in general, I probably will.

Today, however. I needed patience. And didn't have it... So I searched it out.

One of my favorite of the scripture references was Romans 5:1-5

Sometimes it is so easy for me to see how my tribulations are working for my benefit. The fire that burned down our house was one of the greatest blessings. And while I understand, and truly believe, that my children are great blessings, OOOOhhhhhh! are they tribulations at times.

But if this scripture is true, then by their tribulations, I'm gaining patience. By that patience, I will gain experience. And finally, by that experience I will gain hope. What a blessing! I NEED hope! So I will try to remember that my trials are a road to hope.

Now if I can just remember that in the middle of 4 screaming children...

Then there was Mosiah 24:15-16 which says that if I will have patience, the Lord will give me the strength to make my burdens light. He won't necessarily take my burdens away, but He will enable me to handle them. And I could really use a little extra strength. Or a lot.

Another powerful one was Luke 21:19 "In your patience possess ye your souls." Wow! This really spoke to me. If I don't posses my soul, who does? What could be more important than my soul? If I'm not teaching my children patience, what of their souls? Scary thoughts...

There are more, so I might save some of this study for tomorrow as well, so I can focus on each part...

S - Day 1 & 2

I technically started my scripture study program last night. A friend who is in a new ward gave me an extra journal she has that the RS presidency gave to each of the sisters. It has a 12 week scripture reading schedule in which you are assigned (in the notebook) a list of 12 individual weekly reading assignments and encouraged to write your thoughts and feelings about the reading assignment. It is designed with the goal of coming closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ

Day 1 - Nov. 13, 2010 - Saturday
Helaman 5:12

This is one of the scripture mastery scriptures I learned attending seminary so the minute I saw the reference I was already going over it in my mind. I have read it many times before and didn't think much of it at first. The words though suddenly came through with a new meaning for me personally. It became clear through the Spirit that one of the reasons I have battled depression in the past is because my foundation is not as strong as it can and should be. I often rely too much on myself rather than trusting the Lord.

Day 2 - Nov. 14, 2010 - Sunday
Helaman 5:12

I have been thinking a lot about how we build our foundation on our Savior, Jesus Christ. It occured to me that in any relationship of any substance that we have with anyone the foundation usually includes trust as a key ingredient. It makes sense then to assume that if we want to builda relationship with the Savior; we need to trust Him. The question I have now is how do I learn to trust Him and His wisdom and lean not unto my own understanding...

The point

I am trying to set a habit of daily scripture study. To do this, I will post what I read each day (even if it's only a verse or two) and what I felt that means to me. As Nephi said, we should "liken the scriptures unto us" and that is my goal here.